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Travel Insurance

Many families have had difficulty finding a travel insurance that will cover their AHC champions.  We have put together a list of insurance providers that have previously been used by AHC parents for their children.

Prices and what the insurance companies provide may vary annually so we are not endorsing these but giving them as a helpful list from parents in the past.  

AHC is sometimes not listed on travel insurance providers list of conditions/diseases.  We know from other parents that some travel insurance providers do list the condition and others list it under other conditions which are not AHC such as motor neurone disease or cerebral palsy.  Please check with your travel insurance provider directly.

If you are travelling to Europe it is important to have your E111 with you for your child. (Link)

Your AHC UK Committee are also liaising with other UK rare diseases committees to gain information on what insurance providers they use.

If you are an AHC parent and have successfully found a good travel insurance provider for your AHC champion and would be happy to share the name of the provider then please get in touch with the committee so we can add the details to this list.

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